Montessori Academy

Upper Elementary/ Middle school

Ages 9-15 (4th through 8th levels)

Upper Elementary (4th-6th Levels)

In the Upper Elementary classrooms, AMS certified teachers guide the students into more abstract understanding of concepts through the use of the advanced Montessori materials.  Project based and cooperative learning is emphasized and, similar to the Lower Elementary classrooms, a multisensory approach continues to address differences in learning styles.  Our students continue to learn respect, responsibility, and perseverance.  Our environment fosters leadership skills and personal accomplishment and our students thrive within the orderly environment equipped with an abundance of materials and resources.  

Middle School (7th-8th Levels)

Our Montessori Middle School is designed to prepare your child for the rigors of high school. The core curriculum includes the studies of mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and language arts. We strive to prepare our students for life in high school and beyond.  In each class, students learn the same material at different levels and we work to meet each student’s individual needs.

Our focus includes:

  • Project-based learning designed to allow students to work with their hands and prepare them for real work as they continue to transition from adolescence to adulthood
  • Time-management and goal setting
  • Service learning that allows the students to go out into the real world and open their hearts and minds to become more well-rounded individuals. They also participate in projects and activities around the Montessori campus and become leaders and mentors in our Montessori community
  • Field trips that allow the students to expand on their education in the classroom and apply it to real world experiences

Our goal is that our graduates leave here self-motivated, self-directed, well rounded individuals, who have a love for learning and will have a positive impact in the world.