Montessori Academy

Our Campus

The beautiful 23-acre Montessori Academy Campus is a natural habitat for various species of birds and other animals, including deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, and rabbits. Bluebirds, Blue Jays, and Cardinals can be seen on a regular basis and bluebird houses and bird feeders have been an important part of campus activities for many years.  The beautiful natural habitat provides many opportunities for students to learn and study the natural sciences.

Playgrounds appropriate to each age group provide opportunities for children to explore the outdoor environment. Visiting the “big rock,” gardening, and organized exploration are activities the children love.

Classroom space includes approximately 50,000 square feet under roof consisting of:

  • Primary with five classrooms

  • Lower Elementary with three classrooms

  • Activities building with three toddler classrooms, a gross motor room, after care rooms, offices, and a gymnasium

  • Fine arts building with a fixed seat auditorium, art room, music room, and band room.

  • Administration building with administrative offices, classrooms, and science labs for the Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Sequenced Montessori Manipulative Materials

Each teacher and each student work to maintain the ordered classroom environment. The sequenced hands-on Montessori materials invite students to touch and learn. The materials are interesting and enticing creating intrinsic interest and motivation in the students to explore the concepts presented.

Multi-Age Students in Each Classroom

The advantages of the multi-age classroom are seen in the consistency of the community. Each year two of the three levels of students remain in the classroom and welcome new students into the existing community. Older students mentor and encourage younger students and have opportunity to develop leadership skills.


Each student benefits from the co-teacher model. Co-teachers work together with students to form a community in which everybody shares responsibility, ​is respectful, is accountable, is kind, and is caring. The co-teacher model permits teachers to take charge of different core areas, provides an available teacher when the other teacher is making material presentations, allows for more consistency in the classroom, and encourages collegial sharing of experience.

Our Classrooms

Each Montessori Academy classroom is equipped with the finest Montessori materials appropriate to the age level of the classroom. Student/Teacher ratios meet or exceed standards set by two accrediting organizations and each classroom meets or exceeds requirements for the appropriate number of Montessori certified teachers. The highly qualified Montessori Academy teachers are Montessori certified and approximately 50% have graduate degrees. Each classroom reflects these high standards.

Our Community

As a community supported school, parents are strongly encouraged to be involved. The personal rewards parents derive from participation are priceless, as they include modeling to children to develop a love for giving and doing for others. In addition to the obvious benefit to our school of having your involvement, we believe asking parents to give of their time creates opportunities for our families and staff to develop closer relationships. Our goal is to have everyone working together to enhance the educational experience of our children.

Ways to Be Involved in the Montessori Academy Community:

  • Parent Leadership Program

  • Parent Education Nights

  • School Picnics and Open Houses

  • And Much More!