Montessori Academy


Ages 18 months - 36 months

A toddler class begins the educational process during the sensitive period for language and movement, from 18 months – 36 months. In this class, toddlers are encouraged to have independence and to explore and make choices in a safe environment.  Toddlers are given many opportunities for learning, including being taught to care for their own needs and the needs of the classroom.  They love to help set the table for snack, fold laundry, sweep crumbs off the floor, wash dishes, and learn to put their belongings away.  They also have available to them Montessori materials, which teach language, counting, sorting, and all about the world around them.

The learning environment is home-like and fully equipped with Montessori materials, a gross motor play area in the classroom, a separate outdoor play area and a full size gym is available for the children.

Toddlers learn best through:

  •     purposeful movement

  •     self-chosen activity

  •     activity that fulfills the need of a sensitive period

  •     repetition and concentration

  •     experiencing order


The classroom has toddler size furniture which enables the child to feel comfortable and secure, knowing this is a classroom just for them. 

There are especially designed activities and materials that meet the toddler’s interest in movement, independence, order, and language.

Practical Life consists of care of self, care of the environment and food prep.