Math4 Credits

Students must be enrolled in a math course each school year. Options include Algebra 1&2, Geometry,

Integrated Math, Business Math, dual enrollment course, and math related electives

English4 CreditsEnglish 9, 10, 11, 12, or dual enrollment course
Science3 Credits

(With lab instruction) Options include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science,

dual enrollment course, ​and science related electives)



3 Credits

US History required. Other options include World History and Geography, Government and Economics,

dual enrollment course, and social studies related electives



2 Credits



1 CreditMay or may not be a team sport.



.5 Credit



.5 Credit
Fine Arts1 Credit



3 Credits

High School

Montessori Academy has a long history of being a child/student focused school where the developmental needs of the student come first; where the environment is developed to be conducive to learning and growth; and where curiosity and love of learning are fostered and encouraged. We are a school where individuality is honored, and the student is engaged in, and able to direct his or her own learning process. Montessori Academy is excited to let our students’ journey continue through high school with the addition of 9th and 10th grades for the 2019/2020 school year and 11th and 12th grades added the following year.

Maria Montessori described the high school environment as a “center for study and work.” The primary role of the instructors is to assist students in their acquisition of knowledge and to give instructional help when needed. Students will work with their teachers and advisors to evaluate their previous coursework, current interests, and future goals to choose classes and electives that best meet their needs. Our academic portal offers each student the opportunity to select individual courses that fit their needs and interests from a vast library of options. Curriculum is uniquely presented through an integrated approach. A student’s day consists of self study, Socratic seminars, service learning projects, foreign language electives, career development, limited direct instruction in core subjects, and our exceptional fine arts programs with offerings in band, strings, chorus, and composition. Where applicable, curriculum can be technology driven with electronic textbooks and assessments through an educational portal with student and instructor access.

Montessori Academy follows the TN Department of Education graduation requirements, which state students must complete a minimum of 22 credits and take either the ACT or SAT (college board exam). One credit is equivalent to a yearlong course. MA students will have access to advanced coursework, dual enrollment classes with local colleges, and the opportunity to connect with local trade schools and participate in internships.

​​Flexible Schedule and Tuition:
Class schedules can be either a three-day schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) or a five-day schedule. Both options cover labs, direct instruction, assessments, discussion groups, and fine arts offerings. The five-day program provides opportunity for additional research, self-directed study time, off campus service projects, career shadowing or internships.

High School Schedule Options:
Option 1:   Mon-Fri                     Tuition:   $12,100
Option 2:   Tues/ Wed/ Thurs  Tuition:   $8,500

Am I Ready for the Journey?
Montessori high school students will need to display internal drive and curiosity that shows the desire to learn and grow academically. These students will be high in executive function skills, and self-direction, who can seek help when needed. As always in the tradition of Montessori education, students are able to proceed at their own pace, pursuing their own interests.

Join us on the Journey!
Step 1:  A Campus Tour By Parents/Guardians is the First Step in the Admissions Process. Please call 615-833-3610 or 

Click Here to request a tour.
Step 2:  Submit the Application for Enrollment, $100 Application fee, the parent and student questionnaire, and

request academic records from previous school
Step 3:  Student interview with the head of school and high school guides.

“To consider the school as the place where instruction is given is one point of view.

But to consider the school as a preparation for life is another.”

–Maria Montessori 

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