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How to Qualify
Students who wish to be considered for the limited available spots will need to fill out the application for enrollment, request academic records from their previous school, write an essay on why this is their preferred choice for a high school education, and sit for an interview with the head of school and one or more of the high school instructors.

To be considered, students will need to display internal drive and curiosity that shows the desire to learn and grow academically. These students will be high in executive function, and self-direction, who can seek help when needed but do not need every minute of their day controlled and regimented by the instructor.  Additionally, students are not held back by the slowest in the class or pushed on past their ability. As always in the tradition of Montessori education; they are able to proceed at their own pace.

Roadmap for the Student’s Future
Students who qualify will have the option during junior and senior years of enrolling in dual-enrollment college/university courses to meet the requirements for a Tennessee high school diploma as well as college credits.  This is not the same as AP where a test must be taken to qualify for possible college acceptance of these courses.  They will be legitimate college courses.

Our plan is to connect with trade schools and alternative paths for those students who do not plan on attending college and for students to gain real life experience in various trades and practical skills. This will help students make better decisions about their future path and education. Some may choose the trade school path or use it to fund future education.

Additional Activities
Students will take part in our exceptional fine arts programs with offerings in band, strings, chorus, and even composition. Student driven service-learning projects and activities will also be a part of the curriculum.

High School

February 2019 Update- Montessori Academy Inc. of Brentwood, TN is excited to announce curricular offerings for 9th and 10th grades beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. To Follow;

  • 2020-2021; Addition of 11th grade

  • 2021-2022; Addition of 12th grade

Montessori Academy has a long history of being a child/student focused school where the developmental needs of the student come first; where the environment is developed to be conducive to learning and growth; where curiosity and love of learning are fostered and encouraged. This is a school where individuality is honored, and the student is engaged in, and able to direct his or her own learning process.​​

Hybrid Model
This hybrid model leverages the type of personal development that occurs naturally in students as they come up through the lower grades at Montessori academy. It will be a combination of directed self-study, direct instruction (largely in math), and labs for science as overseen by the expert science instructor.

Efficient Use of Student Time
Montessori education excels at efficient use of work time and this hybrid high school model eliminates inefficient class scheduling found in traditional schools. Students use large blocks of time actually working on course work, receiving direct instruction, or doing labs for science. Where applicable, curriculum will be technology driven with electronic textbooks and assessments through an educational portal with student and instructor access. The instructors’ primary role is to assist students in their acquisition of knowledge and to give instructional help when needed. This is not a traditional lock-step program where “rigor” is equated with quality.

Flexible Schedules
Class schedules can be either on a three day per week class schedule (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) which will cover labs, direct instruction, assessments, discussion groups, fine arts offerings, etc., or a five-day program which also includes Mondays and Fridays for additional directed study time, off campus service projects, career shadowing, and other activities. Students will have the option of enrolling in the three-day or five-day program at different price structures.