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Montessori Academy's vision is that each student
will become an independent, confident, motivated learner, and a responsible community member as a result of the dynamic partnership between
students, parents, and teachers.
This partnership within the exceptional Montessori environment, while developing these characteristics, enables each student to become a life-long learner.

The Montessori Academy Treasure Chest of Life Skills

Numerous authors have described Dr. Montessori as having had a passion for precision, order, accomplishment, and organization. Dr. Montessori cleverly designed her curriculum to incorporate specific life skills that relate to these attributes.

Our 6-9 and 9-15 students study individual skills that relate to these attributes, as well as respect for the materials, for their peers, and for the environment. The students study how individual skills impact and define each student's personality and how the skills relate to the atmosphere of the classroom. Student group meetings invite participation and a thorough study of the skill of the week. Skill cards are earned, stored in individual treasure chests, and become part of each student's portfolio.

Montessori Academy focuses on twenty different life skills including the four listed below.

Precision - a life skill
  • Montessori materials are presented precisely, with little or no talking to distract the student. Students watch the presentations and practice the exercises until they know they have done them "just right."
  • Just as the piano student practices for mastery, Montessori Academy students are encouraged to "master" the work they are learning.
  • Older researchers recognized the importance of precision in every profession. Interestingly, our world is rediscovering that concept.

Love of Order - a life skill
  • Students learn to arrange each exercise in an orderly manner in their workspace before doing the work.
  • As that habit develops and carries over into more difficult work in Elementary and Middle School levels, students develop a love of order because it enables them to accomplish more and to work more precisely.

Joy of Accomplishment - a life skill
  • The more complicated the Montessori materials become (e.g., multiplying fractions), the more pleased students are that they have performed the work precisely.
  • This process increases confidence and self esteem, and motivates students to do well in other areas such as sports, music, and art.

Sense of Organization - a life skill
  • Lower Elementary students (Levels 1-3) move from becoming responsible for finishing daily plans to finishing weekly plans.
  • Upper Elementary and Middle School students (Levels 4-8) become responsible for accomplishing daily, weekly, and monthly plans, as well as long-range projects.
  • Our former students, now in high school and college, say that they are most grateful for the organizational skills that they learned at Montessori Academy.
Our whole family feels at home on campus.