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Montessori Academy's vision is that each student
will become an independent, confident, motivated learner, and a responsible community member as a result of the dynamic partnership between
students, parents, and teachers.
This partnership within the exceptional Montessori environment, while developing these characteristics, enables each student to become a life-long learner.

Parent Room Coordinators

The Parent Coordinators are the liaison between teachers and parents in the classroom. They coordinate volunteer room activities, community activities, and help welcome new community members. 

Toddler One: Marco Crank
Toddler Two: Claire Karp
Toddler Three: Sarah Falade
Toddler Five: Fiona Leckenby

Toddler Parent Coordinator Form

Room 1: Sally Barkley
Room 2: Karen Morris
Room 3: Felicia Paul
Room 4: Reigen Tuggle
Room 5: Shruti Marathe
Room 9: Rebekah Bitzer

Primary Parent Coordinator Form

Room 10: Rene Britt
Room 11: Dora Phelps
Room 12: Ruth Smith

Lower Elementary Parent Coordinator Form

UE/MS: Natasha Freeman

Upper Elementary/Middle School Parent Coordinator Form

Please contact

Anna Sitter
if you need to get in touch with a specific Parent Coordinator.


Our whole family feels at home on campus.