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Montessori Academy's vision is that each student
will become an independent, confident, motivated learner, and a responsible community member as a result of the dynamic partnership between
students, parents, and teachers.
This partnership within the exceptional Montessori environment, while developing these characteristics, enables each student to become a life-long learner.

Crisis Management Plan

The safety of children and staff will be considered at all times. In the event of a crisis, highest ranking administrators will make safety and physical needs decisions based upon the information available at the time.

The following address the most basic and primary concerns.

Communication Challenges:
Communication with parents is offered in multiple formats, in the event of a crisis, not all communication forms will be available but administrators will take the following steps to encompass as many forms of communication as possible:

  1. All school email blast
  2. News networks
  3. Texting via channel 5
  4.  Phone Lists of Students & Parents & Parent approved secondary contacts

Location of Children

Keeping children here on this property is always first choice due to transportation issues. Parents are advised to check with their parent-approved secondary pick-up list (grandparents, friends, etc.). Children will be located in campus locations as follows:

  1.  Normal campus locations (classrooms and after care locations)
  2.  Normal “Safe Place” locations specified for each classroom
  3.  Gymnasium
  4.  Multi-Purpose Room
  5.  Administration Building
  6.  Fine Arts Building
  7.  Campus property – Baseball Field, Big rock (Not for snow – but perhaps for other emergencies)
  8.   Bernstorf complex (Children would not be moved here unless it is after 6:30 p.m. in the case of snow, or if all other locations are deemed unsafe or unavailable.)

 Continuing Operations

Covered in the MA Emergency Recovery Plan and allows room for flexibility as needed.





Our whole family feels at home on campus.